5 Reasons to Choose Custom Windows for a Denver Home

July 17, 2020

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Custom windows in a Denver home are an excellent choice for any homeowner. Custom windows are cut and fit to your standards, and are available in virtually any shape and size. If you know your home needs a new window installation but aren’t sure if standard windows are the right choice, consider a few reasons why you might choose custom windows for a Denver home instead.

1. Custom Windows in a Denver Home Fit Around Furniture Pieces

Custom windows in Denver are a great choice for fitting that window around a certain furniture piece or grouping. For example, you might have a beautiful, antique buffet table you keep along one wall in your dining room. Undersized, single-hung windows might do little to enhance its look, while an oversized picture window might detract from that buffet’s appearance.

A custom window can be cut to the exact length of that buffet table and a height that perfectly complements it as well. You can then enjoy some sunlight and a view to the outside with that new window while also enjoying the look of your beautiful buffet.

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Custom windows in Denver homes can do the same for any furniture piece or grouping. If you have a favorite reading nook in the corner of your living room, a custom casement window allows for lots of light and fresh air in that space. Whatever the furniture arrangement, a custom window works well to complement those pieces and enhance their appearance.

2. Add Sunlight to Small Spaces With Custom Windows in Denver

Fitting standard windows into small spaces is a challenge, which means that smaller rooms are often dark, dreary, and downright depressing! To bring in added sunlight, opt for custom windows in a Denver home, which can be cut and fitted to any space no matter its size.

Custom windows can also typically be fitted along any area of a wall, provided a contractor can reroute electrical wiring and plumbing pipes as needed. If you have a small den, as an example, with a large entertainment cabinet that doesn’t leave much open wall space, call a window installation company in Denver about custom windows along the upper part of the wall or on either side of that cabinet. Whatever your needs for a new window, no matter the size of the room or wall, custom windows are an excellent solution!

3. Provide a View With Custom Picture Windows!

Have you ever stood over your home’s kitchen sink, washing dishes, and wished you could look at more than just a blank wall, but worry about someone using a kitchen window to break into your home? Have you ever soaked in the home’s claw-foot tub after a long day at work and wished you had a beautiful panoramic view of the stars outside?

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If so, custom picture windows in a Denver home are a perfect solution! A stationary or picture window is a pane of glass that doesn’t open or close. These provide an excellent view to the outside without unsightly locks and frames.

Because picture windows don’t need space for opening and closing, they can be cut to just about any size and fit along almost any exterior wall of your home. You can even stretch picture windows across an entire wall and its adjacent walls, allowing for a panoramic view to the outdoors. Picture windows also provide added security for your home, since they can’t be forced open.

4. Custom Windows in Denver Provide Maximum Style

Casement windows, bow and bay windows, and sliders all provide lots of style for any home and interior space. However, if you’ve shopped all the standard window styles and still don’t see something that you know will enhance your home’s appearance, it’s time for custom windows in Denver!

Consider a few suggestions for using custom windows in spaces that need a bit of “sprucing up.” A hexagon shaped window breaks up the look of standard square windows and can create a nautical look, perfect for an office, den, or another such spot. Tall, narrow windows offer more sunlight and a great appearance next to your home’s entryway doors. If your home has a vaulted ceiling, upper windows cut to fit a wall provide added sunlight and offer a cohesive, seamless look.

Remember, too, that custom windows for a Denver home might coordinate with your home’s exterior space, not just interior rooms! If you have a beautiful English country style garden, for instance, consider windows with a rounded top and built-in grilles, for a traditional English look. If there is a part of your yard that offers an amazing view of the day’s sunsets, enlarge the windows along that wall so you can enjoy them every evening!

5. Denver Custom Windows Mean Ease and Effectiveness of Operation

Have you ever found it cumbersome to lean over a piece of furniture or sink in an attempt to open or close a window, or found that a particular window in your home offers little fresh air even when opened fully? If so, it might be time to choose a different window operation and new, custom windows.

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As an example, trying to lift and lower a standard single-hung window over a kitchen sink or bathtub is often difficult and might even put stress and strain on your back and shoulders! A sliding window, cut to fit that space in your home, offers easier operation.

If you want maximum sunlight in your interior spaces and love to have windows open even during a rainstorm, consider custom fit awning windows. Awning windows open from the bottom, with a hinge at the top, like an awning. This opening blocks rain, wind, and cold air from getting into the home. Custom fit awning windows  can be created to fit an entire wall, or you might prefer a line of windows along one wall, for lots of sun exposure.

Keep these five points in mind if you know your home needs new windows but aren’t sure the right style for a certain space. Custom windows for a Denver home are an excellent option for increasing sunlight and style and for ensuring you’re happy with those new windows for many years to come!

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