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Can someone come to my home for a consultation on window replacement in Denver?

Absolutely! That's how Denver Window Replacement Pros works. You give us a call when you are contemplating any window replacement in Denver. There is a knowledgeable and friendly representative always standing by ready to pick up the phone, and who will talk you through all the details while you’re on the line.

After answering all your questions and concerns, we’ll make an appointment to visit your home and inspect your existing window, noting the best window replacement styles for every room of the house. From there, we will help guide you through the process of getting your brand new window installation.
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How long is it going to take to get someone to my house?

With decades of combined experience in this industry, the window replacement experts at Denver Window Replacement Pros understand your busy lifestyle and schedule. That's why we work when it's convenient for you! We ensure a personalized home visit for every customer within five days of your initial call. 

We know how anxious you are to shop for new windows and get your home improvement project started, so we don’t delay in scheduling an appointment.
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Can you guarantee that your measurements are going to be accurate for my new energy saving windows?

You have probably heard horror stories from friends, family, and coworkers about new window installation in Denver, CO, including a contractor who didn't get accurate measurements so that when new windows or doors arrived, they didn't fit properly and couldn’t be installed! When this happens, new measurements have to be recorded and you’re forced to wait for new windows to arrive. 

At Denver Window Replacement Pros, we don't allow that to happen. We send a highly-trained and experienced measure technician to every single project location, to ensure we get all measurements exactly right the first time.
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How long does a window replacement in Denver take to complete?

Consider a few different factors that are taken into account when it comes to an expected timeframe for your window replacement. You can plan on us being there for your initial consultation within five days of the first phone call, as we mentioned above. After you decide to move forward with your project and the measure technician records needed measurements, we place your order with our window manufacturer.

Once your order is with the manufacturer, we keep every customer informed of the process on a 15-day cycle. One of our dedicated employees will give you a call and let you know specifically what's happening with your windows or doors and when you can expect us to arrive for final installation.
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Will I have to change my existing schedule to plan for my window installation in Denver, CO?

We never expect you to change your schedule when it comes to your window installation in Denver, CO. Your life is busy enough as it is, and we don't want to disrupt it any further. After your windows arrive from the manufacturer, we call you right away to schedule an installation appointment. In every project we service, you decide the best time for installation, and we will work around your schedule.
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Do I have to hire outside contractors to help me with this project?

Installing new doors and windows in Denver is a major home renovation project, and you want to be sure it gets done right the first time. You may have heard of homeowners hiring a project manager, designer, general contractor, and other experts to help them through the process of completing a project of this magnitude.

At Denver Window Replacement Pros, we work to make this process as simple and as streamlined as possible. We have all the people you will need already on our team, including consultants, designers, construction managers, and project managers. You will never need to hire any outside contractors when you choose new doors or replacement windows with Denver Window Replacement Pros.

How do I know I'm getting the best, most energy-efficient windows available?

When you decide to invest in new windows and doors for your home or commercial property, you want to be guaranteed that you're getting the best, most energy-efficient windows on the market. When you opt for today’s secure and reliable energy-efficient windows and entryway doors, your heating and cooling bills are almost sure to be lower over the next several years! Within just a short period, your new windows should be paying for themselves.

Denver Window Replacement Pros is proud to offer only the best and most energy-efficient windows available today. We only carry name brand Andersen and Milgard windows, to ensure the best materials are used for windows that are durable, secure, and efficient. We also offer sizes, styles, and price ranges that can be customized to suit your specific needs, for gorgeous, affordable, energy-efficient new windows in every room of your home.

What is the final cost going to be for my energy saving windows and doors?

At Denver Window Replacement Pros, we know that every home is different, and so is the preference of every homeowner! That's why we send someone to your location to give you a personalized, FREE in-home consultation and estimate.

We also know that new windows and doors are sometime a costly investment, so if you’re working within a specific budget, let us know, upfront! We can then narrow down your options to that specific budget range and help you choose beautiful windows at a price you can afford. Remember that there is NO OBLIGATION to buy, and we never use high-pressure sales tactics to convince you to buy something you can’t afford or won’t love for years to come.

Do these doors and window come with a warranty?

Denver Window Replacement Pros offers a full warranty with every product we well. The warranty you recieve is dependent on the manufacturer and the product purchased, and your project manager can explain in detail what to expect with each purchase. Our guarantees are even transferable, so if you plan on selling your home in the near future, you can use this as a selling point to prospective buyers! If at any time something goes wrong with your new windows or doors, we will send someone to your home to address the issue, promptly and professionally.

Can I finance my new energy efficient windows and doors?

At Denver Window Replacement Pros, we know it’s easy to be overwhelmed at the cost of new doors and windows for your Denver area home. We also know that new energy-efficient replacement windows and doors will pay for themselves over time!

That’s why we’re proud to offer hassle-free, 100% financing for all of our qualifying customers. This includes an unsecured loan with 0% interest for the first 18 months. You can even see the money in your bank account in as little as 24 to 48 hours, so you can order your windows and doors without delay. Our financing includes an affordable, low monthly payment. Our qualified representatives will work with you to find the right financing option, so you can easily afford the new doors and windows needed in your home.

Are these windows going to work better and be easier to clean than what I have?

Old windows are not only lacking in energy efficiency, but they can also be difficult and cumbersome to operate. After some time, you might find yourself struggling to open old windows, or using something to keep them open!

Denver Window Replacement Pros understands the frustration of having outdated windows in the home, which is why all of our windows are guaranteed to be hassle-free. Their locks are smooth, secure, and easy to manage as well. For windows that are also easy to clean, opt for tilt-in styles, which can save you time and money on professional window cleaning. Instead of hiring a professional window washer or climbing a dangerous ladder to clean those windows with a simple garden hose, you can get the job done yourself while standing right inside your house!

What happens if something is wrong after you leave?

At Denver Window Replacement Pros, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority, from your very first phone call! We ensure that each project meets your exact specifications, and we proudly stand behind all our products and services. If something goes wrong with your window or door installation in Denver, get in touch with us immediately, and we will promptly arrange to visit your home and address your concerns.

Denver Window Replacement Pros is not a “take the money and run” company. Even after project completion, we touch base with each customer, to ensure they’re completely satisfied with their new door or window replacement project. A full month after installation, we call again, and then again on the six month anniversary of your completed project. We want to ensure that every product we install lives up to the superior standards we demand, and that our installation has exceeded all customer expectations.
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