The Importance of Energy-Efficient Patio Sliding Doors in Denver

October 8, 2019

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Your patio sliding doors in Denver are in place for several reasons. They are attractive, convenient for patios and decks, and they should always be energy efficient. While all the factors are important, energy efficiency is the most crucial.

Patio sliding doors in Denver can lead to significant loss of air and wasted energy. New, professionally installed patio sliding doors can eliminate those issues. Energy-efficient doors are necessary for maintaining your comfort while at home and can lower your heating and cooling bills.

Checking Patio Sliding Doors in Denver for Efficiency

Now that you understand why energy efficiency is essential in your patio sliding doors in Denver, you need to know what to look for. There are a few significant points to take into consideration if you're currently looking at a door replacement. 

First of all, you have to inspect the construction of the door. You want one that has both the appropriate thickness and tight sealing capabilities. 

The seals on the entryway are what have a direct effect on the performance. If you're looking at a patio sliding door that has conventional seals, don't expect it to give you the same thermal performance as one with thick thermal sashes. The same goes for the actual thickness of the glass in the door. Thicker glass will stop the conduction or airflow that can otherwise affect energy efficiency.

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Reviewing Energy Efficiency Performance Ratings for Patio Sliding Doors in Denver

On all new patio sliding doors in Denver, there will be an energy rating sticker. There you will find what the National Fenestration Rating Council gave that specific door for energy efficiency in different areas.

The information to review includes:

  • The Solar Heat Coefficient - the amount of resistance the door has against solar radiation. Another way to think about it is the sun coming in warming your house up.
  • The U-Factor - this number is a measurement of how well the heat stays in. Think about your furnace running and the air you're paying for escaping.
  • Door Rating - is the cumulative door rating using both the Solar Heat Coefficient and U-Factor.

You can also see on the energy rating sticker if the door has been qualified to be ENERGY STAR efficient. Not all sliding doors will have this indicator. You want to be sure to choose one that does. Only those that have been inspected by and approved will get this seal of approval from the government-ran association.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Patio Sliding Doors in Denver

All of these details might seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you don't truly understand the benefits of having them. You might think that it's not relevant to look into. You want a door that looks nice and operates more than anything, right? Not necessarily. While attractiveness and performance are quality factors, there are other aspects that you have to consider, as well.

When you're in your home, you're there to be comfortable. If your sliding glass door is warped, broken, or outdated, there will be gaps around the frame. Those spaces allow for air to circulate in and out. That defeats the purpose of running a heater or air conditioner. 

When you set your thermostat, you put it at the temperature you want. That's because that's what makes you feel relaxed. However, if there's cold air blowing in and warm air going out, you'll never attain the level you desire. If your systems can keep up, it's going to cost you a lot more on your utility bills.

Your heating and cooling systems don't know what's going on with the air in the room. All that each is there for is to do what you program it to. With that warm air being forced out and the cold air coming in, your furnace is going to have to work twice as hard to keep up. The same goes for your air conditioner when cooled air is leaking out. It will be turning on and off more than usual. What does that mean? You're paying more to keep your temperature controlled. Essentially, you're throwing money out the window using a patio sliding door in Denver that isn't as energy efficient as it should be.

Choosing a Professional Patio Sliding Door in Denver Company for Installation

Does selecting the proper energy-efficient patio sliding door in Denver stress you out a bit? That's okay. That's what professional door installation companies in Denver are for. You can get in touch with a trusted and reliable contractor like Denver Window Replacement Pros Window Replacements of Denver to assist you through the process. These experts can explain everything to you as far as what a quality door is and what all those numbers mean. By allowing someone with experience in the industry to assist you, having gorgeous patio sliding doors in Denver doesn't have to be a hassle.

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