Is Denver Suffering the Coldest March in Decades?

March 26, 2019

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March in Denver is known for its cold weather and heavy storms, but even longtime residents have noted that this past month seems to have been one of the most bitter they’ve experienced. Those residents aren’t wrong, as temperature records indicate that Denver has suffered through one of the coldest Marches in decades!

By the 20th of this month, Denver’s average temperature was recorded at a mere 29.7 degrees, a full nine degrees below average! Fourteen days out of the month saw below-average temperatures, with seven of those days seeing temperatures drop a full 11 degrees below average.

If these record low averages continue through the month, Denver would tie its fourth-coldest March on record, set in 1909. The coldest March for Denver occurred not many years after, in 1912, when average temperatures dipped to 26.4 degrees throughout the month. Of course, there are still a few days left in the month that might see the mercury climb a notch or two, but even if there is a warm-up left in the last few weeks of March, it will still be known as one of the coldest ever felt!

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The bomb cyclone that moved through the upper part of the United States is partially to blame for the bitter cold temps, as well as an Arctic blast that moved southward through the city the first week of March. During those especially difficult weeks, icy roads made driving perilous for residents as did shattered trees and fallen branches.

During the worst of the blizzard, snow fell at some two inches per hour, closing the airports and leaving over 200,000 locals without power. The National Guard was even called in to assist stranded motorists and clear snow-covered roads.

Denver is not alone in suffering record cold temperatures this past season, as the polar vortex that moved through the country’s Midwestern states brought icy temps and severe winter storms. Many areas across the Midwest saw temperatures dip well below freezing and also set records for the coldest winter in decades.

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