Free Things to Do with Your Kids in Aurora, CO

August 15, 2022

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If you live in Aurora, CO, or if you're looking to move out of the area then it’s important to know what kinds of things there are for children to do. That’s why we wanted to gather the best free kid things to do in Aurora, CO. So, if you’re looking for activities or other free events to take your children to, then keep on reading. 

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Stanley Marketplace 

Stanley Marketplace is an urban marketplace and food court. It brings an outdoor shopping mall experience together with a food court and urban vibes. It’s essentially free to get into, but obviously purchasing food, beverages, and items from stores will cost you. The setup is really fun with different decorations and there’s a lot to do between breweries, restaurants, and stores to shop at. 

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Southlands is a popular mall that makes for a great free thing for kids to do in Aurora, CO. Many people love stopping by this shopping mall when they’re in the area because of how large and diverse the shopping mall is. This mall features food stores, book stores, clothing, food, beverages, and coffee shops. It’s a great place to spend the day and get the kids some new stuff while also entertaining them. 

Aurora History Museum

The Aurora History Museum is free to enter a museum that focuses on history, arts, and culture. There are many things to look at and do within the museum that makes it fit for kids of any age. You’re sure to find something to do with your little one. They have a hands-on area within the museum that’s perfect for children of all ages and perfect for parents to engage with their kids at the museum. 

Great Plains Park 

Great Plains Park is a family-friendly residential open park for everyone. It features a lot of different park activities such as a playground and a splash pad. It’s free to enter and it’s perfect for children of all ages. The splash pad is great for the summertime to cool the kids off. This is one of the easiest and top free kid things to do in Aurora, CO. 

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Cherry Creek State Park 

Cherry Creek State Park is the main state park within the Aurora, CO area. This state park is free to enter and it’s a great place for families who love nature. If you love nature and so do your children, then this is high up on the list of free kid things to do in Aurora, CO. From the great views, amazing nature walks, and overall vibes of the park, you can’t go wrong. 


If you live in the Aurora, CO area or are looking to move there and want to know what things there are to do with kids then hopefully, this list gives you a place to start for planning your weekend. All of these are free and there is something for everyone from shopping malls, splash pads, and nature parks. Finding activities for the whole family doesn’t have to be difficult. So use this list of free kid things to do in Aurora, next time you’re planning an activity for the family. You'll be so happy you did!

This information is provided by our team at Denver Window Replacement Pros. We're your local company offering replacement windows, door installation, and more.

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