Exterior Storm Doors: Why You Need Them for Your Denver Home

May 27, 2021

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Exterior storm doors in Denver are vital for protecting interior spaces from outside cold, while keeping in heated air and humidity during dry winter months. Security doors in Denver also offer an added layer of protection against intruders, keeping you and your family safe!

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If you haven’t given much thought to the exterior doors installed on your home, you might note some vital details about why they’re so important and the benefits they offer, and what to look for when shopping for new doors. You can then discuss this information with a door installation contractor in Denver as needed, and know your home is safe and comfortable year-round.

Exterior Doors in Denver Mean More Insulation

Gaps around doors are a common spot for your interior heating and cooling to escape, and for letting in outside heat, cold, and humidity. Adding a draft stopper at the bottom of an inside door does help but isn’t enough to stop all that heat and cold loss!

Exterior doors for Denver homes provide an added layer of insulation against drafts and outside heat, while also blocking your interior heating and cooling. Investing in a strong storm door will mean lower utility costs and a more comfortable environment overall!

Bring In More Light With Exterior Storm Doors in Denver

Keeping your interior door closed helps block outside heat and cold, but it also blocks sunlight. An exterior door with two large glass panes allows for added sunlight inside your home, without compromising insulation. Added sunlight means a more welcoming interior environment, and can even help houseplants grow strong and healthy.

If you choose an exterior door with interchangeable screens, this also means more fresh air and better ventilation inside the home. Keeping open the interior door with a screened outside door allows airborne irritants to escape the home, and fresh air to circulate throughout. Added air circulation also helps keep the home cooler during hot summer weather, as you can let out heat that’s otherwise trapped inside the home!

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Security Doors Increase Safety for Your Home

Exterior doors on a Denver home increase security in a few ways. One is that a strong door with a separate lock will help slow down potential intruders. Even if a thief or intruder is good at picking locks, they would need extra time to break into two doors, not one, when you add an exterior door to your home’s entrances.

Strong security exterior doors also have little to no gap between the door and its frame, so there is no room for a pry bar. Trying to wedge or force open the door will typically do nothing more than attract attention, so you or a neighbor can alert the police before an intruder makes it into your home!

Add Curb Appeal With a New Exterior Door

Today’s exterior doors often include lots of stunning details and features that add instant curb appeal to any property! You might choose oversized, decorative hinges or a curved handle, as that added metal can offset brick walls and wood porch furniture.

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Painted frames can also provide a stunning, eye-catching detail. If your home is painted a strong red, blue, or other primary color, consider a stark white frame, to break up that look. A matte black frame can also offset white siding, while oil-rubbed bronze metal frames tone down the look of craftsman detailing.

How to Choose Exterior Doors for a Denver Home

Note the features of exterior storm and security doors when shopping for your home. If you choose interchangeable screens, consider how easy it will be to remove a full screen versus two panels; you’ll also need to note if you have room to store that glass panel and screen during the off-season safely. Two panels are often far more manageable for many homeowners.

Security exterior doors will also have hidden hinges so a potential intruder cannot simply lift the door off the frame. A keyed lock is also far more secure than a simple latch, as it’s more difficult to pry open a keyed lock than a simple hook or latch. Your door installer can also note added features that fit your needs and budget for your home.

Denver Window Replacement Pros is happy to provide this information about exterior doors in Denver to our readers and hopefully you found it helpful. If you’re in the market for new storm or security doors for your house, turn to our trusted Denver door installation contractors. We carry a full line of replacement doors and windows, sure to fit your needs. To find out more, call us today!

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